Arduino to TV Adapter

You can send all kinds of fun stuff to a TV from an Arduino using the TVout Library. All you need is an RCA cable and two resistors (470 & 1k).

TV Ground to Arduino Ground
TV Signal to 470 to pin 7
TV Signal to 1k to pin 9
(Audio to pin 11)

Here is the one I built to experiment with:

P1020845P1020846  P1020847

It works!  When I get another long RCA I’ll add audio support.

Here’s some code that makes this using a Line In Adapter:

or use this code for this result:

audio is Trash 80

or use this code for this result:

audio is B.L. Underwood (no relation)

and you can do what with what!!!


3 thoughts on “Arduino to TV Adapter

  1. unpaid-intern

    I’m pretty new to arduino, and I’m trying to do a simple FFT project. I came across this code and thought “hot dog, somebody did the work already,” thanks for offering up your code here!
    I’m trying to incorporate this into a improv comedy/ robotics show, but the only problem is I can’t get it to compile.
    First I was getting fix_fft.h, not found error. So I found the fix_fft.h file on github. Now I’m getting a wprogram.h, not found error.
    I’m using an arduino uno., IDE ver. 1.6 Do you have any insight into what I am doing wrong?

  2. varind Post author

    Newer version of Arduino IDE have renamed WProgram.h to Arduino.h

    The fix_fft file needs to be modified to reflect this change. It seems there are some other changes that need to be worked out with fix_fft for new versions as well….

    This maybe too late for your installation, but I’ll try to figure something out when time permits. Please post here if you’ve come up with a solution.


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