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OPP: ChameleonPi

You are now basically obligated to pick up a Raspi.  Chameleon is a Raspian “Wheezy” remix which includes almost every video game console emulator you’d ever want.  Easily drop a few roms in your pi via your desktop’s network browser and you’re quickly reliving every priceless moment in The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario, or just get a gentle game of pong going on.

From Carles Oriol:

Comprehensive instructions on how to flash an SD with ChameleonPi (8GB minimum):

CameleonPi Homepage:

I experienced quite a bit of lag using the NES emulator until I over-clocked the CPU.

To check your current clock speed:

vcgencmd get_config arm_freq

or for more detailed information:

vcgencmd get_config int

You can edit the config file directly:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

or use the raspi-config tool to set basic over-clocking:

sudo raspi-config

Scroll down to option 7 – overclock.
I chose “High” 950MHz ARM, 450MHz core, 450MHz SDRAM, 6 overvolt.
So far it’s running smooth with these settings.

My next step will be to figure out how to only display the emulators that I choose in the UI in hopes of simplifying the interface for less experienced, and younger users.  I think machines.conf file has something to do with it so I’ll make a backup copy and start messing around with it:

sudo cp /opt/selector/machines.conf /opt/selector/machines_orig.conf
sudo nano /opt/selector/machines.conf


Thanks to Jeremy Blythe, you can check out the status of my Pi, uh, if it’s on… which it is most likely not.

Head on over to to learn how to control your Raspberry Pi from the web.  See you there!

Jeremy’s instructions are great, but I’m a Linux newbie so I ran into problems fast… if you’re like me don’t have pip installed on your pi (and you don’t know what pip is), then your first step would be something like:

sudo apt-get install python-pip git-core python2.7-dev

OPP: DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

What a wonderful resource for Arduino signal processing:

I found this post very useful when I was learning how to send various audio signals in to the Arduino (see Arduino Audio Input Module):

One of his projects is a musical note recognition device.  I wonder if it could be used to transcribe simple songs, like old arcade game soundtracks and the like.