NFC (RFID) Tag Reader


I get the feeling that NFC and RFID will play a larger part in our lives in the years to come.  I decided that I wanted to find out more about the technology and its uses.  I acquired a Seeed Studios NFC Shield V2.0b for Arduino to experiment with.  It comes in a cool looking box.

The board and example code work great so I decided to put it all in an enclosure to make it less vulnerable, and a little more useful.  I added an RGB LED, a Piezo buzzer, and hardwired a 9 Volt adapter through a switch to an Arduino Uno.


You can see where I accidentally melted the plastic case near the power switch.  It looks like I did it with the hot glue gun, but it was actually from the Heaterizer.  You can’t see in these photos but there is a 220k Ohm resistor under the heat shrink connecting the LED to ground.  The antenna is taped to the top of the case and it’s wire clips on/off easily.

P1020851  P1020855 P1020853 P1020857


NFC Shield:

NFC Tags:

Code on GitHub.

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